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This Sameness Is Ours

There is an incoherence in so what happens in one stroke. We live in a territory in which the human dignity is trampled, in which the barbarity becomes so ordinary, in which the capital oppose all the existence different than it offers.

They continue to make the lives of ones who deserves the life most, miserable through custodies, through tortures, through assassinations. They build barbed wire, plant mines on the way of the struggle for the peace, human rights and freedom.

Every is a fire scene. These are the fires for which either the water or the fire extinguisher is insufficient. To assume the responsibility is necessary to put out this fire. Aslı Erdogan and Necmiye Alpay who exactly did this, was prisoned by who did not want the fire to put out. They are neither the first nor the last victims of the rulers.

Aslı Erdogan has never been in an organization that is not on side of peace. She only believes the power of the words and becomes the hope of us through her pen. The only “mistake” of Aslı Erdogan is to have a contrary position than the rulers and to be on side of the truth.
We call out now:

To the decision—makers; to ones who has the judicial power; Your jail is not strong enough to imprison the shine of Aslı Erdogan. We do not want you to be fair; to keep your hands off Aslı Erdogan is enough.
To ones who give the order; Thanks to you, we get used to what next. Who knows! This situation does not surprise us.

It looks that there is no way to explain this to you:

We do not leave Aslı Erdogan and Necmiye Alpay to your hands. What’re you saying, we did not let the coup plotters “eat” ... We say also; we do not let you “eat” Aslı Erdogan and Necmiye Alpay.

To the readers of Aslı Erdogan; Let say once more:

If we do not defend Aslı Erdoğan and Necmiye Alpay today, we will have nothing to defend tomorrow. If we don not do something for Aslı Erdogan and Necmiye Alpay now, there will be no outside for us tomorrow. If we do not raise our voice for Aslı Erdogan, Necmiye Alpay and all the criminals of thought, none of us will get out alive from this dirty war.

The Invitation:

We call on all the readers of Aslı Erdogan to raise up the voice of peace and freedom. We invite you to read the books of Aslı Erdogan ver is possible —in public transportation vehicles (metro, train, plane, boat etc.), in parks, in city squares. You can carry out this activity to ver you are —to your university, to your canteen, to the cinema, to the concert.

If there is the injustice, there is also the resistance. It is a right to spread this resistance to every .

The Press Agent of Aslı Erdogan
Ahmet Ergül

Ahmet Ergül


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