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To the press and to the world public

To the press and to the world public

Asli Erdogan and all other journalists must be released immediately!

Asli Erdogan, accused of being a member of an armed terrorist organization and damaging the unity of the state, has been arrested and imprisoned. This is contradiction with the turkish’s law. Every proceedings to release her has been rejected without any ground.

Why should Asli be immediately released?

Because there is not any single materiel or legal evidence for those accusations: make terror propaganda, be a member of terrorist organization and damage the unity of the state. However, according to the Turkish constitution and to the current laws, legal action can only be taken with evidences. There must be “important evidence of being guilty” in order to imprison someone. But none of them pop up.

Asli Erdogan was only a volunteer representative and editorial consultant of the daily newspaper “Özgür Gündem”. She did not had any responsible position there. She is accuses of criminal activities without legal reasons. Asli is a peace activist who tried to continue her own life and work under the extraordinary and unusual circumstances of the current Turkey. Since there is not any material evidence for her imprisonment, this is an extrajudicial proceedings.

As well as Asli Erdogan, we also call for the release of the scientist Necmiye Alpay and elected comayors of Amed (Diyarbakir in Turkish), Gültan Kisanak and Firat Anli immediately. We wish that the journalists and writers Can Dündar and Pinar Selek, who live in exile, and every others journalists, can return their home in freedom.

We call for lifting the bans against daily newspapers (Özgür Gündem), publishing houses, journals, television channels (#hayattv, #imctv) and radio stations.

To all readers who care about peace, and to all who care about the freedom of thought: Let us act together to fight against injustice and consolidate the freedom!

Long live the international solidarity!

Long live freedom of thought!


The readers and friends of Asli Erdogan in Europe.



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